Episode 8: Pammy Carroll | Create What You Want

March 21, 2017

Comics, Stickers, and Lil' Wayne. We sit down with Pammy Carroll aka Pamtalk to hear about her sticker line of bowties, The Doldrums, and her upcoming projects!

Get a sticker here! http://pamtalk.bigcartel.com/

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Episode 7: Anna Meyer And Julian Thomas

March 17, 2017

Inspiration, Influence, And Community. 

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Music By Kai Engel


Episode 6: Taseen Abdulbarr | Confidence, Ambition, And A Dream

March 13, 2017

Are you afraid to take a chance on a dream? The fear of failure, rejection, and lack of support can play into the decisions we make, or do not make, in our lives. Taseen Abdulbarr talks about taking that leap of faith.

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Episode 5: Sloane Dakota Tucker | Extroverted Introvert

March 6, 2017

Extrovert? Introvert? Think of the two on a wide spectrum, and everybody falls somewhere along both. For some, reaching out and connecting with your community can be more difficult. But when you finally take that “leap of faith”, everything changes.

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Episode 4: Marcus J. Washington | Motivated For Success

February 28, 2017

Some people create and others conquer. Marcus J. Washington has a vision to do both. Today we hear from the founder of GRNDZRO. A D.C based design consulting firm. Centered around innovation, focused on activation.

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Nick Brengle


Episode 3: Curry Hackett | Design Creates Culture

February 21, 2017

Design and Culture have always been closely interrelated.




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Episode 2: Merimart | Self-Awareness

February 7, 2017

As a creative we have a responsibility to be self-aware in not only helping to push the creativity to its unreachable limits, but also in being the creative that takes the time and energy to actually craft something of meaning and depth. As we enter this unprecedented new era in American politics what better way to tackle the topic of being self-aware as a creative.  


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Episode 1: A Podcast For Creatives

January 21, 2017

This is the first episode of ATMOSPHERE. A podcast for the creative community to help each other reach our highest potential in creating content. In this "pilot" episode I will introduce myself and give some vision for the direction of ATMOSPHERE.

Enjoy! For any questions or comments please email thecreativespodcast@gmail.com